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Hair of Many Colors

Hair Colouring Services Available Today In Worcester Park

For more information about our hair styling services, don't hesitate to contact our specialist team today at The Tops. 


Choosing a hair colour that will suit you the best is determined by your skin tone.

Fair, medium, olive or deep? The tones are warm, cool or neutral? By knowing and working with your skin tone you will be guided to the colour that is the most flattering for you.


Patch tests are required for all new colour clients and must be applied at least 48Hrs prior to colour application.

Blonde Wavy Hair

Blonding Services

There are many different techniques to achieve the blonde you are looking for and lots to take into consideration...


•     Your skin tone and natural base colour.

•     Your hair’s history.

•     Your time & commitment.

•     Your budget.


•     Highlights

•     Balayage

•     Ombre

•     Foliage

•     Baby lights

•     Teasy lights

•     Face frame

•     Platinum

•     Reverse Balayage

During your consultation you will be advised as to the best and possible options for you along with being paired with the right stylist for the service you require.

Hair Dying
A professional hair brand
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Majirel hair colouring system offers a rich, permanent hair dye which provides perfect coverage of grey hair. With the expertise of your hair colourist and an in-depth colour consultation you can achieve your perfect shade. Majirel has over 100 shades that can be tailored to create exactly the colour you are looking for.

Redken ShadesEQ

So what is shadesEQ you might ask and why all the hype?

Shades EQ is a liquid “Demi Permanent” hair colour which is perfect to tone, gloss, refresh, blend greys, correct and colour with no lift to your natural base and a mirror shine. Formulated with no Ammonia, this gentle formula helps the hair to retain its natural PH level. It’s the colour that thinks it's a conditioner.

Hair Salon

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For more information about our services, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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